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There’s no shortage of dating guides on the market.

There’s even a section on photography and the camera you should be using to take your pictures. You’ll be able to use the step-by-step system for writing attractive and mysterious profiles that will keep women wondering and wanting you.

While previous chapters are specifically for getting random messages, now it’s time for you to…Since a great deal of your dates will be from you taking the initiative…

Most of the stuff were referenced from other seduction books. if you’ve read about “survival and replication” the you can skip this part if you want and proceed to…It starts at Chapter 7 on page 50 which is about your (Ch8).

This is the most important element in your profile since you’re nine times more likely to get random messages if you have a good profile picture.

Other guys will drop jaw from all the messages you’re getting from gorgeous babes.

After successfully getting her phone number using Instant Messenger (Ch 17) or other means, the next chapter deals with talking on the phone (Ch18) to set up the first date (Ch 21).

It translates attraction in real life to attraction on the internet. You’ll learn why it works and it helps to put everything on perspective.Unlike many dating guides available, The Online Game isn’t filled with outdated information.In fact, when you order, you’ll get free updates for life.You don’t have to go to bars or clubs (if you don’t have time or you hate them) to meet girls. If that got you thinking, let met tell you about…It’s easier to meet women online than in real life. Because when they’re on a dating website, they’re also looking for their potential mate. That’s when you’ll need the book…It tells you how to attract women online not just from dating sites…You don’t risk ever getting rejected in front of other people. but also from social networking sites like Facebook.

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However, The Online Game by Derek Lamont is unique since it focuses specifically on online dating.

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