The shy guys guide to dating paid dating

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The shy guys guide to dating

Instead of feeling threatened by a feminine girl, he feels protective about her.

That makes him feel more masculine, and that’s something every guy loves to feel!

Men have always been the more aggressive sex in the human species.

Girls are more easily attracted to a guy who appears healthy and stress-free, has a good level of testosterone which makes him appear more manly and chiseled, and has a protective streak in him which makes him a good mate material and a father.

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] The perfect woman for a real man – She’s cute and sexy A regular man who isn’t suffering from low testosterone would always find a feminine woman more attractive than a woman who thinks femininity is overrated and displays traits that are traditionally considered manly.

And women produce a small amount of testosterone in their ovaries.

The more testosterone a man produces, the more manly he looks and the more sexually virile he is.

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