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Not long ago an ad about Swedish genealogy, most people with some Swedish heritage could trace back to the 16t century.I most often click and find the links informative and responsible.We've been bringing you the Chimp every day for the last 16 years — and we hope to go on for another 16 years.The Obama administration, aided by DARPA and the Knights of Columbus, has been "cleaning" the internet of all negative references to the Bush administration.

I've read some decent postings of yours here on SC, as I recall, so I'm a little distressed.The only folks still using IE are the ones who (for whatever reason) don't know any better.They give you shit for suggesting it before it happened.-Classwarfare That the pilots who flew the Airwolf said it handled better with the "weapons pods" deployed; they also had to get special permission from the FAA to fly around like that.right at the top of SC today, an ad for x-heli, an RC chopper shop!

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_______ Lived in the US end of Nixon thru end of Clinton.