Trainer Tips voices 53 things that need to change in Pokémon GO (according to the community)

Nick from Trainer Tips has published a video with a controversial title: “53 reasons Pokémon GO is dying”, collecting community feedback and highlighting a number of the submitted reasons. The idea behind the video is to voice players’ concerns and publish them in a succinct, simple video format. We recommend watching the video and sharing it with your local community to collect even more feedback. The video is available above this text.

Nick’s description of the video reminded us how intense the Pokémon GO community can be:

Yesterday I tweeted asking Pokémon GO players to share the things they felt needed to be fixed or improved in Pokémon GO. I got over 1,700 replies to that tweet. Here are 53 of the top answers. Let’s get to work.

Unsurprisingly, most of the 1700 replies focus on EX Raids and their invitation mechanism, requesting either a change or their complete removal. The rest of the replies are a mixed bag of needed improvements, rural gameplay complaints, lackluster species diversity, lack of PvP and solo play mechanisms, etc. We usually dub those comments as “the usual suspects” when it comes to player feedback, given how often and how passionately they are mentioned.

EX Raids have gotten a lot of flack recently, as every wave of invites seems to miss players that expected to participate or haven’t gotten their chance yet. Understandably, with lack of clear requirements and the random nature of test invites, it’s easy to get frustrated. Will Niantic change the invite mechanism? Probably, they’ve changed a number of less important things before, no reason not to change something as important as the EX Raids mechanism. When and how? Who knows.

P.S. for the curious ones, yes, Nick explains his relationship with Niantic in more depth at the beginning of the video.

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