Updating feisty fawn

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Updating feisty fawn

So, really, it might be safe to just undo step 1 and let Apt find all the Feisty Universe packages and suggest that it update them now.But I feel like being conservative about my servers so I keep them at the latest stable release security updates, which is what I’ve got now.

3) Tell Apt to install a package and specify a “target release” that you want it to use when looking in its sources for the version to install.The other thing I hadn’t realized is that I could wait forever and Word Press 2.0.5 would never be backported to Edgy because they’re in the Universe, so I have no choice but to work with the Feisty release of the Universe section if I want those security updates.Since the Edgy release of the Universe is no more or less supported than the Feisty release of the Universe, there’s really nothing lost there; nobody is promising that the Edgy Universe is super stable and tested.That means I can mostly stick with a stable release; in this case, that’s Ubuntu Linux, using the latest official release: Edgy Eft, which came out in October.But I can’t have the very latest version of a few manually-selected packages running; in this case that’s Word Press.

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That also means that security updates to Word Press aren’t backported to Edgy.

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