Updating from tiger to leopard

Posted by / 30-May-2019 20:01

Updating from tiger to leopard

I do expect to wait for the first service pack before upgrading though.

Objective-C 2.0 is going to require a LOT of teething time under real world conditions, and I don't want it chewing up my data.

I hope they give you the PPC and Intel installs in one box, or maybe as a universal installer. This upgrade will largely be for newer versions of the developer tools; I have little other reason to update.

I don't want to purchase two family packs just because I have a power PC and an intel mac. I have mac-mini 1.42GHz 512 MB RAM QE no CI and i Book 1.33GHz 768 MB RAM no QE no CI They both run Tiger quite well...

The reason I am doing this is that Leo will introduce the new technology Software Core Image.

I will also be considering the price and performance of refurb Mac minis and i Macs around the time 10.5.1/10.5.2 comes out.

Although I'm running 10.4.9 at the moment, my i Life suite is still from 2004.

Conversely, I think owners of Power PC based Macs will start seeing some quirky problems (that Apple sure won't rush to fix) with Leopard.

Kevin I just updated my G4 i Mac to 10.4.9 and that's where it will stay for the rest of its life. My only computer is a 1GHz i Book G4 and I have been wondering about this myself for some time now.

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Everyone else - if you don't go with the upgrade, I just installed Red Hat Fedora Core 6 on my G3 i Book ('Tangerine Toilet Seat') and it runs quite well. If you decide to recycle the G4 machines, though - there is still a great aftermarket for them on e Bay.