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Added "EM" page since these are showing up more in MAME. Slight update to Data East Cassette listing reflecting listing in MAME driver source. Grouped Survivor with Ten Spot, and listed Ten Spot's games.

Updated Area 51 Site 4, Gals Panic 2, Gals Panic 3, Poly-Net Warriors / Polygonet Commanders, Vega, Heated Barrel, Raiden II, Air Inferno, Dangerous Curves, Kokoroji 2, Bust a Move 2, Super Hang-On Limited Edition. Sexy Gal Shadow Fighters Shakatto Tambourine Shakatto Tambourine Cho Powerup Chu Sheng Dan Wu Xian Shikigami no Shiro III Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Toukon Retsuden 4 Shooting Love 2007 Shooting Star Shooting Zone Shootout Pool Shootout Pool Medal Silent Scope Silent Scope 2 Skat TV Skeet Shot (Dynamo) Skelagon Ski Champ Skill Trek Skins Game Sky Target Slam Dunk 2 Slot Carnival Smash Court Pro Tournament Snow Board Championship Soccer New Solid Gold Sonic the Fighters Soreike Kokoroji 2 Soul Calibur II Soul Calibur III Southern Systems Joker Poker Space Ace Space Lords Space Pirates Special Effects Special Forces Elite Training Speed Driver Spica Adventure Spiel Bude Spikeout Spikeout Final Ed. Virtuality system VLC Nevada Wangan Midnight Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 War: Final Assault Wave Runner Wave Runner GP Wheels & Fire White Tiger Who Shot Johnny Rock Wild Poker Win Win Bingo Wing War Winning Streak Wizard World Cup '94 World Kicks World PK Soccer World PK Soccer V2 World Rally 2 World Soccer Winning Eleven Arcade Game Style World Soccer Winning Eleven Arcade Game 2003 X Five Jokers X Se Dae Quiz X Tom 3D Xtreme Rally / Off Beat Racer!

Added DICE games Stunt Cycle, Pong Doubles, Breakout, TV Basketball, Attack, Anti-Aircraft, Quadrapong, Shark JAWS, Crash n' Score, Jet Fighter. Gundam Gundam Wing: Endless Duel Gunmen Wars Gunpey Happy 6-in-1 Harley Davidson and L. Riders Heat of Eleven '98 Heated Barrel Hell Night The Hermit Hide & Seek Hi-Lo Double Up Joker Poker High Seas Havoc Hit Poker Home Run Classic Homura Hot Slot Hot Slots House of the Dead House of the Dead 2 House of the Dead III Huang Fei Hong Hydro Thunder Hyper Viper Ichi Ban Jyan Ice Cold Beer Il Pagliaccio Illvelo Indianapolis 500 Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3 Inquizitor International Toote Intersecti Interstellar Laser Fantasy Inu no Osanpo IPM Invader IQ Pipe Jackpot Pool Jambo! Sport Fishing 2 Sports Shooting Star Blazer Star Trek: Voyager Star Trigon Star Wars Arcade Star Wars Pod Racer Star Wars Trilogy Starspinner Stelle e Cubi Stepping Stage Stone Age Street Games Stress Busters Strike it Lucky Strip Teaser Submarine Super Card Super Cherry Master Super Don Quixote Super Dou Di Zhu Super Dragon Ball Z Super Famicom Box Super GT 24h Super Jolly Super Major League Super Major League '99 Super Nudger II Super Pinball Action (prototype) Super Pool Super Real Mahjong VS Super Six Plus II English Mark Darts Super Space 2001 Super Tarzan Super World Stadium 2000 Sweet Gal Sweet Hearts II Swiss Poker Symbols Table Tennis Champions Taiko no Tatsujin 9 Taiko no Tatsujin 10 Taiwan Chess Legend Target Hits Tarzan Tatakae Big Fighter Technical Bowling Tecmo World Cup '98 Tekken 4 Tekken 5.1 Ten Pin Deluxe Ten Quid Grid Ten Spot Tetris Fighters TH Strikes Back Thayer's Quest Thunderbirds Thunder Hurricane Time Crisis 2 Time Crisis 3 Time Machine v2.0 Time Traveller Tobe!

Updated Ramtek Trivia, 0077, Monster Zero, and Bouncer. I left out MAME names with a title that starts with the same word, and myriad Neo-Geo games since most people know them I think. Added to NOT WORKING: Dangerous Curves, Kaiun Quiz, Super World Stadium 2000, Stress Busters, Magical Zunou Power, Draw 80 Poker, 1 on 1 Government, Vegas Poker, Sigma Poker 2000, Inquizitor, Time Machine, Jet Wave, Game Cristal, GTI Poker, Poker?

, Hanajingi, GP World, Jan Oh, Mahjong Vegas, Esh's Aurunmilla, Mirage youjuu Mahjongden, Laser Grand Prix, Saloon, Mahjong Cafe Doll, Astropal, Come On Baby, Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, Interstellar Laser Fantasy, Big Apple Games, Thayer's Quest, Almond Pinky, Jack Potten's Poker, Astron Belt, Cobra Command, Galaxy Ranger, Star Blazer, Balloon & Balloon, 39 in 1 MAME Bootleg, Super Pool, Guitar Freaks 6th Mix, Guitar Freaks 11th Mix, Missile Combat, Aladdin, Mini Boy 7, Paranoia, International Toote, Dodge City, Puzzlet. Accelerator Adventure After the War AIM Air Walkers Aka Zukin Akka Arrh Albegas Altair II American Football Angel Whisper Ant Raid Arcadia Arcade Super Reflex Armada Arm Champs Ashita Tenkini Naare Assassin Astro Zone Unknown Atari prototype Atomic Castle Attack of the Zolgear Attacker Banbolin Bang Busters Barracuda Barzoids Bash Battalion Battle Back Battle Bird Battle Blaze Battle Star Battlestar Galactica Bazooka Beach Head 2000 Beach Head 2002 Beach Head 2003 Desert War Beavis and Butt-Head Big Combat Bi Ki Nikko - Okinawa de Ippai Shityaimashita Bi Plane Black Beetles Black Widow Blast Wind Block Buster Block Challenger Block Fever Block Mahjong Block Perfect Bloodlust I. Pac-Man Twin Mystic Wand Nebula Need For Speed: Underground Nekketsu Oyako New Block X New Block Z New Bosconian Nexzr NFL Football Nightmare Ninja Ninja Hayate Okidashi OOPS Outer Zone Outpost Pac Attack Parasol Stars Photo Play/Masters/World Championship Piccolo Pin Pong Pinky's Maze Pitchman POD Pool Popoitto Hebereke Popshot Potrio Power Block Power Sled Predators Pro Monaco GP PT Nyankoro P'tooie Louie Pumper Punky Doodle Pyramid QP Quiz De Date Quiz Jump Quiz Kanojyo Quiz Magical Brain Quiz Mezase Idol Quiz Omaeni Pipon Cho!

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Additionally, many modern games are not included because, well, the list is already long enough and there are other places to find such game lists - System 16 and the Killer List of Video Games.

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