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With the VDTM, it is only necessary to update one server in order to update all computers in the network.The server gets definitions updates using Live Update, the Intelligent Updater, or a file, and then automatically distributes the definitions to each of its clients on the network.Live Update can retrieve definitions files either from the Symantec server (which it does by default) or from an internal Web, FTP, or file server created with the Live Update Administration Utility.

If necessary you could use the Norton Removal Tool,which will completely remove all traces of Norton, and you can then downlpad a preactivated copy from your Norton Account.The ISP has open a incidence but we haven't an answer yet.The Operating System we used is Windows 7 Home 64 Bits but we have two computers and same problem in both, we don't reach this particular updates, "Norton IPS Definitions" and "Norton White List".https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v60392881_End User Profile_en_us Please come back and let us know how you made out. Could the Internet provider block the Norton updates or the Norton server block some IPs? Yes, I've checked the time zone and system clock and they are correct and when I check the subscription status everything is fine.We have check the computer with other Internet provider and works, all is updated. I don't know what happens, but with other Internet Service Provider all is working, I think there are some IP block from Norton Servers or from the Internet Service Provider. Our ISP knows our problem with Norton 360 and we have changed DNS and same problem.

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The Live Update Administration Utility On very large or widely distributed networks, it may be desirable to create an internal server and have clients use Live Update to retrieve updates from that server, rather than using the VDTM.