Updating norton disks public dating companies

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Updating norton disks

Version 4.0 also moved from real-mode DOS to 286 protected mode.The additional memory available allows Ghost to provide several levels of compression for images, and to provide the file browser.Note for OS X 10.2 Users: If you did not choose to run Live Update when installing Norton Anti Virus or Norton Personal Firewall, you may see this error message when you reboot: The program you are using needs to use a system file that may reduce the security of your computer. Then, run Live Update to update both Norton Anti Virus and Norton Personal Firewall. Schedule the anti-virus program to check for daily updates of virus definition files so that your computer will always be able to identify the newest viruses.You may also want to consider creating a new Weekly scan that will update All Products.

Released March 31, 2001, Norton Ghost version 7.0 (retail) was marketed as Norton Ghost 2002 Personal Edition. It is well-suited for placement on bootable media, such as Bart PE′s bootable CD.

This will update and install new versions of Norton as well as new versions of Live Update , the Norton updating program.

If you have Auto-Protect turned on (this is the default), your system will be protected most of the time.

Version 4.0 of Ghost added multicast technology, following the lead of a competitor, Image Cast.

Multicasting supports sending a single backup image simultaneously to other machines without putting greater stress on the network than by sending an image to a single machine.

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Ghost 9 continues to leverage the Power Quest file format, meaning it is not backward compatible with previous versions of Ghost.