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Updating report viewer 2016 problem

You cannot use it with other report documents that you create in other software products.

Environment: Virtual; ESX 5.5 Hypervisor SCOM Management Server: Let’s begin: I will not be installing Reporting on this server, as I will install this on the SQL Server (I will create a post for this later…) Well, looks like I will need to install the Report Viewer Controls and need to install some IIS components for the Web Console. Since this is a lab, I installed the databases on the same SQL instance.

To use the Web Part, you must have installed and configured the Reporting Services Add-in and configured the report server for Share Point integration.

You must also have reports to display in the viewer.

You cannot customize the toolbar unless you write code to do so, but you can set properties to hide all or some of its controls.

Export on the Actions menu shows application formats that are associated with rendering extensions deployed on a report server.

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You can use the Web Part to view, navigate, print, and export reports on a report server that is configured to run in Share Point integrated mode.

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