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Pengukuran indeks retus juga dilakukan bertujuan untuk mengestimasi secara kuantitatif tingkat intensitas retus terhadap serpih yang telah diretus.

Hasil penelitian menunjukkan perubahan teknologi artefak batu diserpih terjadi selama masa hunian di Situs Talimbue.

Using this data we also reconstructed island areal extent as well as topography for each time period.

The retouch index was also measured so as to provide a quantitative estimate of the level of retouch intensity of the retouched flakes.

The results of the analysis indicate changes in the stone flake technology during the period of occupation of the Talimbue Site.

The latter in particular has important implications for arguments on how breccia deposits from the region should be analysed and interpreted when reconstructing palaeoenvironments.

The palaeogeography of the Wallacea Archipelago is a significant factor in understanding early modern human colonization of Sahul (Australia and New Guinea), and models of colonization patterns, as well as archaeological survey and site interpretation, are all heavily dependent on the specific palaeogeographic reconstruction employed.

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Perubahan teknologi terjadi karena adanya proses adaptasi yang disebabkan oleh perubahan lingkungan.

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