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Validating and copying link data

To find invalid data that had made its way into your worksheets before you added data validation, go to the Circle Invalid Data.

This will highlight all cells that don't meet the validation criteria: As soon as you correct an invalid entry, the circle will be gone automatically.

But if you prefer working with the keyboard over a mouse, you may find the following approach appealing.

De jure, Excel Paste Special is designed for pasting specific elements of copied cells. Among others, it can quickly remove data validation rules in a worksheet.

Data Validation: This will select all cells that have any data validation rules applied to them: Overall, there are two ways to remove validation in Excel: the standard approach designed by Microsoft and the mouse-free technique devised by Excel geeks who would never take their hands off the keyboard unless absolutely necessary (e.g.

To copy the validation rule in Excel, perform these 4 quick steps: Tip.

If you are creating a drop-down list based on a named range that has at least one blank cell, selecting this check box allows entering any value in the validated cell.

In many situations, it is also true for validation formulas: if a cell referenced in the formula is blank, any value will be allowed in the validated cell.

When adding a data validation rule in Excel, you can choose one of the predefined settings or specify custom criteria based on your own validation formula.

Below we will discuss each of the built-in options, and next week we will have a closer look at Excel data validation formulas in a separate tutorial.

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If you decide to change the validation conditions later, you will simply type new numbers on the sheet, without having to edit the rule.

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