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Validating emotion regulation

These events may originate in the physical body as a result of disease or injury or in social or emotional situations, such as the loss of a job, divorce, mental illness, death of a child, move to another locale, or failure in school.

Sometimes maturational and situational crises occur at the same time, and occasionally, one crisis triggers another, compounding the problem.

For example, a teenage boy and girl are attracted to one another and experiment with sexual intimacy.

When the menstrual period of the girl is late, both adolescents are thrust into a state of emotional disequilibrium as they experience both the maturational crisis of adolescence and the situational crisis of a potential pregnancy.

They are rare, unexpected happenings that are not part of everyday life and may result from: Because of the severity of the effects of such events, normal coping strategies may not be effective, and support systems may not be available because mental health professionals must respond quickly and to large numbers of people, at times including an entire community.

Situational crises often revolve around grief and loss.

It is important to recognize that addressing problems before physical safety becomes an issue is an important step in the successful management of patients experiencing a mental health crisis before it becomes a mental health emergency.

The goals of mental health crisis management are to: A mental health crisis is defined as a non-life-threatening situation in which a person experiences an intensive behavioral, emotional, or psychiatric response triggered by a precipitating event.

For example, a young couple can take parenting classes to help prevent pediatric head trauma that could result from shaking their infant out of frustration during a period of uncontrollable crying.

Or an older person can make financial plans for upcoming retirement.

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Locations for crisis interventions may range from community to healthcare settings.

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