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Vb net screenupdating

I need to edit the cell --regardless of the cell contents.

then I need to delete the first character, regardless of it's character.

Kind of depends on how often they are going back and forth between views.

In VB6 I had an API call to stop screen updates but this does not work any more. Really, it sounds like the best option would likely be doing a tab pages and having each view on it's own page.

All, In vba, I can turn off screen redrawing activities by setting screenupdating = false. I'm positive I came across a similar command in (VS 2005), but for the life of me, I can't seem to remember what it is. Though, if you update control positions all at once, then you shouldn't see any adverse effects.From the developer tab choose record macro and give it a name and a shortcut key.Follow the sequence you have described (f2,home,del,enter) until step 4 - then stop the macro.

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