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Christy and Candace's father, Fred, enjoy a romantic dinner together.

Christy’s burgeoning relationship with Fred, Candace's dad, gets more and more difficult for Baxter's fiancé to handle.

One of his alleged victims was Nicola Bull, a detective with West Mercia Police, also claims she was fleeced out of nearly £12,000 after he contacted online in April 2011.Mr Walters said he conned one woman out of £110,000 which he used to buy an Aston Martin sports car and a £44,000 Bentley GT Continental.The court heard he also spent £7,932 hiring a Land Rover Sport and another £19,503 hiring a top-of-the-range Audi R8 supercar which he drove to his dates.Mr Walters added: "While she was on holiday in the August, the defendant allowed all his children to stay at her home, and ordered pizza on her Barclaycard."He has been shown to be adept at juggling a number of relationships simultaneously and the Crown would say using those relationships to obtain money from his partners, either with or without their knowledge." Samuels, who once owned a £500,000 house in Uttoxeter, Staffs, and has 14 children by three women, was arrested in September 2014.

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