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Ansari immediately thought of Bobby Cannavale, whom he’d seen in tons of stuff and loved, and had hung out with socially with his own mentor, Chris Rock. It should come as no surprise that Roger Ailes’s sexual-harassment scandal was in the news when Ansari and his writers were coming up with Chef Jeff’s downfall (which comes in the presence of former Magazine cover story on Ansari. The night before, we went with Chris, who picked us up at the hotel, and we met Aziz, Rashida, and Jay-Z at this cigar bar that they closed down for these guys. ” It was hilarious and it started a whole thing where my 19-year-old named all the things that were cooler than these guys, who were way older than him. We were both nominated for a SAG award for , my son and I. Finally, Aziz turns to him and he goes, “Hey man, how much more interesting can your phone be than who’s at this table right now? The other thing about Aziz is he’s pretty much running everything while we’re doing it, you know? You’re communicating a lot, you’re ad-libbing and changing things on the fly. They’re little quirks and whatnot that I find that he’s a very good observer of. He asks about your family and you can tell he was just raised right. A lot of people feel like the stuff Aziz talks about is universal. I mean, he’s just a person who’s interested in the person that’s across from him. I think he gets a lot of his material from things people tell him, and from his experiences of meeting really interesting, weird people in New York. That’s why I like those characters so much — his best friend and the girl. When he was directing me, he might say, “You know that thing where you come up and you say, ‘What’s up, meng? It’s not like anything you’ve actually seen before. I think he cut it for time, but his dad and I got into a conversation about prostate exams because I was like, “I’m 47, I don’t have to do it yet, right? Again, I don’t think that’s in, but it’s not just about it being a big improv or anything. This guy’s wrong.” You know, Aziz loves to cook and he knows so much about restaurants. was in his 30s, with some really interesting things about race and culture in there that I identify with. Does he ask you about your parents and family, or is it other stuff? Do you think that he got any of the Chef Jeff character from observing you? Those are the little things that I think Aziz does a really good job of observing, like the things that we do out of insecurity. I love when you do that.” There are these little, weird ticks that one gets from a deeper insecurity, I might say. Say that instead.” I remember when we were talking with Aziz’s dad — I don’t think the scene is in anymore, actually. He thought he became friends with him and then was like, “Oh, shit.

I met him after he was Aziz Ansari, through a mutual friend.

If I was in high school with Aziz — he’s like ten years younger than me — but if I was in high school with Aziz, I’d be friends with that guy.

As it turns out, his special lady welcomed a baby boy earlier in the week."I had a baby on Monday, yes," the actor shared on the show.

That’s a good cut from .” He was like, “Yeah, I know.

I’ve been in hilarious situations where it’s like me, Chris Rock, Aziz, and Jay Z drinking wine.

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