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She wants to do the same for all the women in the world.

Her belief is that every woman is beautiful, and that by enhancing their outward appearance they would build a more beautiful and confident personality.

Brett thinks that Carli has changed his life and made him do a lot of things that he never really thought he could ever do.

And Carli also appreciates Brette a lot, according to her she appreciates his loving and caring nature and everything his personality holds.

Thus, she found her key to success and hasn’t looked back since.

Her most famous video is ‘Megan Fox Makeup Tutorial’ which has over 4.7 million views. The first video she posted began with a quote “There’s an inner beauty about a woman who believes in herself.” Thus, defining her mission, Carli not only wanted to spread knowledge of external beauty but also to build every woman’s confidence and transform their inner beauty.

She was bullied a lot when she was an adolescent and called names in high school.

She felt embarrassed and even looked down upon herself when growing up, but she overcame all the name calling by diverting her attention to something more positive.

Owning two channels on You Tube, ‘Carli Bel55’ and ‘Inner Beauty Bybel’, she has gained over five million users collectively on both channels.As financial difficulties started to pile up in her family, she began freelancing as a makeup artist, with a payment of per client while pursuing her business degree.She worked in a photography studio as a hair and makeup artist, but didn’t earn sufficiently and hence she turned towards You Tube.According to Brett, he loves the independent nature and her hard working nature the most.he adds that it makes him feel proud to share his life with a person like Carli.

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Hazel eyed “hot bod” Carli was a regular student at high school.

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