Who is dating william mosley

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Who is dating william mosley

But with Georgie Henley (who plays the youngest Pevensie, Lucy) and William Moseley (who plays the oldest, Peter), who have been working together for the last four years on the two Chronicles of Narnia movies, it’s like hanging out with your favorite younger cousins.

The two are clearly comfortable with each another, passing questions between them and throwing nudges and knowing glances once in a while.

That is, I think, what CGI is about—having the intelligence.

Obviously we were fighting humans this time, we weren’t fighting mythical creatures. In the next one they really freed it up, really made it much more agile for me, so I could pull more of these crazy stunts.We’ll even hear from director Andrew Adamson before the week is out.But now check out what two of the Pevensies have to say about learning to ride horses, getting recognized in airplanes by Italian girls, and hugging not one but two men dressed up in a lion costume.Especially Will—he’s always there if you want to have a cuddle on set, which is lovely.When you’re feeling down, Will’s always there, and he’s always happy, unless you’ve just done a shouting scene. : As an example, when I’m hugging Aslan, I was hugging Shane Rangi, who actually played the main minotaur in Prince Caspian.

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In the first one, I really essentially played myself—the older brother trying to do selfless things.