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Who is david cook dating in 2016

“I want to get people to look up more, and the stars along with music are some of the best ways I know how to do that,” David shared about the cover art and concept for the EP.

It actually ties into his upcoming album with the same themes.

I did not feel like rehab was what I needed and I tried desperately to convince some key people around me that in that moment I needed intensive therapy and I probably need medication. I need to get on that tour bus with Todd and go get steeped back in music again. That was not the perception of what Todd and I do together.

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Insistent as she is that drug addiction was not an issue at the root of her rehab stint, once she emerged from the facility, the songs starting taking shape, including the non-autobiographical "Methadone Blues." The record melds Green's fierce production with Cook's raw vocals (think Sinead O' Connor and Little Feat meet Loretta Lynn high on an Appalachian mountaintop).

Cook sat down with What was going through your mind when rehab was first suggested to you? I was fortunate enough to have people around me that were trying to figure out how to do that.

He was finishing up other records throughout that time, and I saw what he was doing with these other artists. In terms of how you shaped the record lyrically, did you do anything markedly different from the way you had written before? There are three songs I wrote by myself: "Methadone Blues," "Tabitha Tudors' Mama" and "Straightjacket Love." Grueling edits and rewrites that I've never done before.

2011 Season Finished third on the official money list for the third consecutive season and among the top-five money-winners for a fourth straight year.

I felt the constellation of Leo represented that.” David‘s EP features four songs: “Other Things In Sight”, “Someone To Love”, “I’m Ready” and “Spotlight Down”.

But one thing the Central Florida native hadn't done in the last six years was release a new album.

Yet, while recalling the harrowing after-effects of a notorious missing-child case that continues to haunt Nashville residents 13 years later, she lets her guard down with a few unexpected tears. The song that addresses that event, the absolutely devastating "Tabitha Tuders' Mama," cuts a little too close to home for the singer, whose upbringing was fraught with the effects of her father's alcoholism and his eventual prison sentence.

Bemused now by the rumors surrounding her relationship with singer-songwriter and close friend Todd Snider, she was stunned when her management at the time strongly urged her to go to rehab instead of embarking on a planned tour with him.

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