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Who is ross matthews dating

It really is a representation of Hollywood; there are no "take two's" and you only get that one time to really make an impression.I fall in love with them as the season goes on as i get to see them more, but I truly fall in love as I watch the season because you get to see the behind the curtain drama and growth that I don't get to see on the stage.I was counting the ball down and was wondering what would happen if I screwed up.The producer gave me that advice and I've never forgotten it.I split the chair with Carson Kressley, and it's really great because each of us have such a totally different point of view.

I try to go see them in Palm Springs when they perform at Toucan's, you gotta support the kids! I think it's a hit with the gay community because it's celebrating your individuality and putting it on display, literally.

I'd love to get that really established, make it the "go to" place and have people say "oh did you hear what Ross said about that today"? It was one particular producer who is still a great friend of mine.

It was the first time I was going to do something live. It was the ball dropping in Times Square on New Year's Eve.

I thought to myself "one day I'll be up there." And now i am.

I always said to those little kids that are in the back of the room, thinking that they could be up there one day...

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I come home, to my dogs, to my partner, and I go to happy hour with my friends that I've had since high school. Look, I'm from a small town in Washington State; we are white and pasty people, and I think that has served me well in Hollywood. I still want it to be exciting when it's Oscar day and it's exciting and glamorous! I watch it from my couch and I'm talking to the television critiquing and my partner Salvatore is looking at me and going "no one can hear you." So guess what-now they can!