How dangerous is pokemon go?


чем опасна игра покемон го

Good day. Virtually the entire virtual world, yes there, and the real world captured pokemon go. Everything is just crazy about this game, and at the moment this fever is spreading all over the world.

What makes this game so popular, of course, is that you don’t have to hang around the virtual world, you need to go out and look into the unpredictable places of eggs and Pokemon.

When performing a particular task, you need to go a certain distance, for example. To find a rare egg, you will need to go more than 10 km. The game uses GPS, thereby allowing you to catch, train, and let virtual pokemons into battle. It gives great pleasure to all the players, and everything would be fine, but there is also the other side of the coin. That’s about today will be discussed.

Causes of danger

1. The criminals. What should players know about the danger of the pokemon go game, you should not leave home at night in search of Pokemon, as technologically equipped criminals appeared who, with the help of the game, rob people. In America, Missouri according to police, four people were arrested. The robbers used pokemon go, so that the victims would go to distant places to catch Pokemon, and then rob them.

2. The second thing I wanted to talk about is your health. More than once there have been cases, a person walking in the park at night, stumbled upon the same Pokemon catcher, naturally they fought in a battle. The offender considered his loss as an insult by stabbing a guy, he disappeared.

3. The third, than dangerous game – Espionage. Pokemon GO trick for users, the game is able to spy on players, assisting Western intelligence agencies, collecting information about you and your location. It is important that if you have a game installed, its creator (Niantic company) knows the location of millions of people, and knows what is happening around people.

4. Dependence is the fourth danger of the game. “Pokemon-dependent” is becoming every day more and more, around the world. Uncomplicated pokemon go brought $ 14 million in profits two weeks after launch. In Russia, the release of the game was not there. The only thing that can happen to the user of the game is dozens of pumped illusions and injuries received during their search.

5. The virtual world is the fifth and final one. When playing pokemon go, people forget about finding themselves in the real world. Thereby, exposing your health to dangers, playing be careful and alert. Remember, no game close to reality will replace your reality.

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