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Wii modding and online updating

The advice to anybody using a modified Wii is to hold off on updating the console until the homebrew community has had a chance to circumnavigate the new “protection”.

Nintendo’s explanation seems more than a little ridiculous: it’s not as though anybody would “accidentally” install, say, the homebrew channel and then blame the manufacturer should something “mysteriously” go awry later.

So when you open a channel, all it’s going to do is give you extended functionality above and beyond just playing games.

For example, the Netflix channel on the Wii is nothing more than a glorified Netflix app, and so on.

So, the Wii is almost ten years old, plentiful, and with a few simple hacks, you can conceivably extend its life a few more years.

The Wii is already a pretty versatile gaming console.

Some testers have pointed out situations in which they feel a linear view could be helpful, so we'd like see how you guys make use of it.

Please read the entire Read Me before running the installer!If you want to watch Adobe Flash videos (such as You Tube clips) on your Nintendo Wii, you might find some difficulty in updating your Flash player.This video shows you how to properly update the software, both for your Wii in general and Adobe Flash in specific, so that you can watch as much Flash media on your Wii as you care to find!This is very quick - all you really have to do is find the right update in the Shopping section of your Wii.Unless your Wii U has been unplugged, or your internet's been off, then you're no longer able to use Smash Mods. The sheer number of hours I put into Smash modding... We're testing a new feature that gives the option to view discussion comments in chronological order.

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