Windows 2016 dns reverse lookup zone not updating

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You then call your neighbor, who’s home on vacation, and have her try to load your site. Your AD DNS server contains only the my domain.local zone, so a query for www .is forwarded to the ISP’s DNS servers, which should return the correct results to you.

We know the ISP’s DNS servers have the correct information because your neighbor was able to access the website. “That should work: My computer should then connect to that IP address, and everything should be lovely! The problem is that your edge router or firewall is configured such that when it sees one of its connected networks trying to send information to itself, it drops the packets and you’re dead in the water because your site doesn’t load.

Following our web server example above, we’d enter checkbox because we’re not interested in setting up a reverse DNS entry for this host; reverse DNS resolves IP addresses to names and we only need to resolve the name to the IP address. Continue on Page 2 You can now test your split-brain configuration from your workstation.

But before you do, make sure to flush your DNS cache by entering the following from a command prompt: ipconfig /flushdns Type into your browser, and your site should load. You can add additional hosts to your newly created zone for any other resources, such as a mail server or a terminal server, that you want to access by the same name both internally and externally.

For this example, though, we’ll configure a new primary DNS zone on a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition AD DNS server.

Start by opening the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) DNS Management snap-in and expanding the server node.

However, the ISP’s server answers your query with the IP address of your site. The solution is clear: You need to make your internal DNS servers answer queries for , the DNS record returned contains the internal private IP address of the website you’ve set up, but when users away from the office’s local network try to access the DNS record returned contains the external public IP address of the website.

Figure 1 shows a highlevel overview of the query paths after this setup is complete.

Imagine this frustrating scenario: You’re an administrator for a small organization, and you’ve just finished setting up a new web server.This type of segregation can help both with risk mitigation and administration delegation because the AD DNS servers would be separate from the DNS servers you use for split-brain resolution.An alternative to split-brain DNS would be to use a third-party solution at the edge of your network that can rewrite the IP addresses returned in packets containing DNS data.Right-click Forward Lookup Zones, then click New Zone to launch the New Zone Wizard.Click Next on the Welcome page to proceed to the second page of the wizard.

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