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Xbmc updating video library art

in the artist folder containing: NOTE: Where indicated, tags can accept an optional "clear" boolean (true/false) attribute which clears corresponding scraped data and all values of similar tags up to that point.in the artist folder that points to the corresponding artist page on a supported scraper site, such as or Discogs.By default at the time of scanning, if the media folder contains a correctly named *file, then XBMC will load the *file and attempt to either, in the case of it containing XML data get the meta-data directly from the nfo file or will parse it for a direct URL to the scraper info page.This allows XBMC to skip it's normal lookup and/or search procedures, useful if a file's information is not available on any of the scraper sites, or if the file-matching criteria fails for the particular file. The *file is an XML file containing the data for inclusion in the library.For multi-part episodes, simply add multiple The filename of the NFO should be the same as the music video file, only replacing the original extension with Bestartistintheworld - should have the corresponding nfo filename Bestartistintheworld - The *file contains a URL of the information page to scrape. scene info), XBMC will scan through it and use a relevant URL if a match is found.The scraper tries to match url's to all scrapers of the content type a dir is set to. if you set the content type to movies all movie scrapers check nfo files for a matching url.

Even if you've backed up your media centre's database, it's still terribly inconvenient to go into individual entries and make changes. Want to change the text of the summary on a television series?You can also create nfo files that contain both XML data and an URL.This is useful for instance, if you want the entry in your database to have another name than the one officially provided by the scraper, for the movie to sort differently or the movie to be a part of a movie set.Example: By default the xml entry is added to the scraped entry in the database and may result in some duplicates.If you want to completely override the scraped result you need to set a clear attribute for the relevant xml tag in the nfo file.

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